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wooden handicraft shopping,wood works,wooden crafts,carved crafts,indian rosewood,rosewood india,rosewood designs,wood decorative,The gorgeous bounty of Nature and natural beauty is the theme of this exquisite rosewood wall panel. The exquisitely handcrafted wooden wall panel depicts a comely goatherd lass tending to her flock in a beautiful yet dense forest. Nature is seen here in all its glory and the lovely lass portrays youthful abandon and unbridled joy as she is seen here in her element.

home decorative wall panel,wall panel rosewood,wall panel shopping,interior crafts,craftsmen, She picks tender young leaves from an overhanging branch for her young charges. The lissom lass wears a beautiful pleated skirt and blouse with delicate anklets and ornaments that complement her natural beauty. This beautiful picture of the rustic woman set in a forest landscape shows the deft artistry of the craftsman in this particular Indian art form.

vishnu vishwaroopa has nine heads, with each of the gods representing a cosmic function. While shiva, brahma and vishnu together form the trinity, ganesh and hanuman represent faith and divinity. Agni (fire god) represents life, energy and vitality. Maruta (wind-god) represents space, while indra represents rains and cosmic balance. Yama depicts the infinite nature of time while varuna the ocean god represents water. Kubera represents prosperity and riches. The sun and moon represent the cycle of birth, death, decay and finally dissolution. Taken together as one entity they constitute the entire cosmos. Krishna, the 9th avatar of vishnu is seen at the base of the figurine advising arjuna about duty and religion.
a hot favourite of interior decorators and vaastu designers for offices and homes. The whitewood vishnu sculpture makes a wonderful home décor accessory; can be used to accentuate the ambience of an office reception area and can even make a great corporate gift.
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God Wall Panels (01)
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Handicrafts God Wall Panel (02)
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God Wall Panels (03)
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God Wall Panels (05)
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