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  Wooden Key Holders Supplier,Manufacturer,Exporter in India
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the finest quality Wooden Key Holders, Wooden frames, Wooden trays, Crate boxes, Hinged top with windows, Triangle shape boxes, Hinged top box with hole, Hinged top box with handle, Slide top box, Slide lid box & Solid wood box up to the latest customized wooden boxes solution.
Wooden  Key Holders Manufacturer and Exporter From Jaipur India
We offer many useful and decorative household items such as wood calendar holders,  2011 calendars, wooden key holders (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3), paper towel holders, napkin holders, and peg racks.  There are many designs shown and I can usually accommodate special requests as well.  This is possible because almost every piece we ship is individually cut, assembled and hand painted to order.

I've also included several examples of our folk art door crowns and door/wall plaques.  These door toppers and wall signs can often be personalized with names or sayings so be sure to email me if you need something special.
For well over 25 years we have taken pride in the quality of our work so please bookmark our site and visit us often as we will be updating information about our products on a regular basis.  I would love to hear from you so feel free to email me if you have questions or comments on how we can better serve you. **Important**: All items shown are created "on order" in our own shop and hand painted by me personally and as such are very time intensive.  We offer NO imported, mass produced or shopworn back stocked items on our site and we will never sacrifice quality for expediency so if this is what you are seeking it will have to be found elsewhere.
An unique stainless steel key holder box is perfect to keep all your keys at one place and at the same time enhance the decor of the wall as well.
Our team has developed a wide range of keychain for the corporate world. The wide range of keychain are given with their specific code. Thesekeychains are available in different sizes according to the order. These keychains are provided with different design and we also accept customer design.
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Wooden Handicrafts Key Holders Supplier India
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