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a fundamental principle or practice; "science eroded the pillars of superstition"
column: anything that approximates the shape of a column or tower; "the test tube held a column of white powder"; "a tower of dust rose above the horizon"; "a thin pillar of smoke betrayed their campsite"
a prominent supporter; "he is a pillar of the community"
column: a vertical cylindrical structure standing alone and not supporting anything (such as a monument)
The Pillar was an LGBT publication in Salt Lake City, Utah. Published monthly, the magazine was published from 1993 to October, 2007. It was predated by other gay and lesbian publications, but was one of the longest-lasting continuously-published gay publications in Utah.
Pillars are the vertical supports of the greenhouse of a closed automobile body. An "A-pillar" is a name applied by car stylists and enthusiasts to the shaft of material that supports the windshield (windscreen) on either of the windshield frame sides.
The four pillars of India’s position
India is firm that the developing countries should do their share of emission cuts first and then ask developing nations to follow suit
India’s position on climate change stands on four pillars. The same pillars which have held up the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
Though in the recent past the government has attempted to change, or at least nuance, the country’s stand according to pressures and expectations from the West, the four pillars still stand, albeit a little chipped.
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