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Decorative Handicrafts Wall Sconce Manufacturers & Decorative Wall Sconce Suppliers india
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the finest quality Handicrafts Wall Sconces, Handicrafts  Wine Box, Handicrafts Wooden trays, Handicrafts boxes, Hinged top with windows, Triangle shape boxes, Hinged top with compartments, Hinged top box with hole, Hinged top box with handle, Slide top box, Slide lid box & Solid wood box up to the latest customized wooden boxes solution.
Wall Sconces Manufacturer and Exporter From Jaipur India
WALL SCONCES:- Handicrafts Wall sconces are a type of light fixtures, which were used even before the 15th century for holding the candles after being mounted on a wall in order to brighten up the corridor of any building. Tarun Industries presents a broad range of wall sconces, which are gracefully designed in several eye catching designs and finishes. Our brass wall sconces and wrought iron wall sconces offer lighting as well as a point of interest in the long passage of your home.Our unique range of wall sconces include brass wall sconces, iron wall sconces, wrought iron wall sconces, wall sconce, brass candle wall sconces, decorative wall sconce and many more.
Decorative Wall Sconces:-Manufacturer & wholesale exporter of metal handicrafts like wall scones, table lamps, candle holders etc. Wall sconces with design elements are styled with elegantly designed stands. Place them around your patio as twilight comes and goes, or use them inside. These single-light sconces and two-light sconces will elevate the glory of both your exteriors & interiors.
Manufacturers of Antique Mirror, Brass Bowl, Aluminum Lamp, Brass Lamp, Flower Vase, Brass Bed, Photo Frame, Fabric Lamp Shades, Antique Candle Holder, Fabric Lampshade, Wall Sconce, Design Vase, Dish, Picture Frame, Brass Animal Figure, Iron Fruit Basket, Napkin ring, votive, Hurricane Pillar holder, Christmas Hanging and Decorative Item.
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Size : Big H - 24", Small H - 18" set
Price : Rs. 2,200.00 Only
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Decoratives Handicrafts Wall Sconce From India , Iron Wall Sconce Supplier & Exporter, decorative candle wall sconces candle holders
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