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We, at Tarun Industries , offer a gamut of smoking  Pipes accessories, gift items, and home furnishing items such as:
Smoking Pipes: Peanut Smoking Pipes, Glass Smoking Pipes, Water Smoking Pipes, Hammer Smoking Pipes, Ceramic Smoking Pipes, Acrylic Smoking Pipes, Metal Smoking Pipes.Our Clint From (Australia/NZ, Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean, East/Middle Africa, North Africa, South/West Africa, East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia and North America,Israel).

Smoking Accessories: Ceramic Smoking Spoons, Ceramic Hand Pipes, Ceramic Dry Pipes, Smoking Bubblers, Aluminium Spice Grinders, Acrylic Spice Grinders, Wood Grinders, Chillams, Sherlocks, Side Cars, CNC Machine Grinders, Metal Spice Grinders,Wooden and Horn Dutouts,Incense Holder (Wooden,Horn),Metal Incense Holder,Glass Stash Jar,ISO Glass Pipe , ISO Glass Bubbler, Hammer Side Car, etc. ISO Double Chamber, Triple Chamber and Four Chamber, Cotton Velvet Padded Pouches
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Smoking pipes are not just for smoking but also for decoration purposes because of their varied styles and designs. In some parts of the world they are even considered to be a fashion statement. For having a smoking pipe, its not necessary for you to be a smoker. Even if you don't smoke, you can have smoking pipes as a decorative item in your house. Smoking pipes are made using various materials, like clay, ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, stone, wood etc. The variety is such that there are different processes used to design different pipes like Water Pipes and Glass Pipes.Then there are Hookahs which cool the smoke before it is inhaled, thereby making the inhalation. The exquisite artwork done on smoking pipes have made them an excellent collectible item, the demand of which is all over the world.
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