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Tarun industries is manufacturers and exporters of metal Decoratives Gift Items. White Metal manufacturers and view several other products and trade shows related to White Metal  Decoratives Products From India.

White Metal Decoratives Products::
We are one of the leading White Metal Decorative Products (like: White Metal Jootiya, White Metal Ittardaani, White Metal Charriot Rath) Manufacturer and Supplier From India. The proficient a team is specialized in manufacturing a durable range of White Metal Decorative Products which are available at very reasonable prices. Decorative  Products supplied by the company comes in wide variety of dimensions, designs and more. White Metal Decorative Items popular for their sophisticated features and style.

          Our white metal Decorative gifts include like silverware, ornaments, novelties, jewelry and miniature figures that are made of light-colored alloys, like lead and tin alloys, silver alloys or aluminum alloys and are embellished with gemstones or paintings to give state-of-the-art perfection. Our skilled artisans try to give a combination of contemporary artistic features with the timeless beauty of tradition and inspired themes to capture the imagination of buyers. They are moulded, carved, inlaid or cast with intricate designs and patterns to speak elegance and style. We are specialized manufacturer, supplier and exporters of white metal gift items to serve you with the best of quality, price and prompt delivery. Apart from the existing product range, we also make products in customized shapes as per the specific bulk orders.
White Metal Decoratives Items Manufacturers & Exporters from India
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