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White Metal Lantern
We are engaged in providing our clients creatively designed Lamps & Lanterns, which are popular for their alluring looks. Our such Lamps & Lanterns can be obtained from us in several specifications to meet the demands of our clients.
A lantern is a portable lighting device used to illuminate broad areas. Lanterns may also be used for signaling, to guide your path somewhere or as general light sources for camping. In the older days it would have been used like a torch. Dim varieties are often used for decoration. The term "lantern" is also used more generically to mean a 'light source' or the enclosure for a light source, i.e., the housing for the lamp and lens - that is the top section - of a lighthouse

Elegant Antique finish handcrafted white metal lantern with Blue glass ;Metal figures are a brilliant example of metal art. They reveal the hard slog the craftsmen put in to turn bare metal into a work of art. Figures of musicians, darban etc are reflective of intricate details that personify a piece of metal. Details like crown, jewellery, clothing are also engraved on metal with great effort. Since metal is costlier and has long life, metal artifacts are bound to be a little on the expensive side.The metal artifacts have a rich range and great demand. Metal artifacts include pots, surahis, boxes, candle stands, bowls, mirror frames, etc. mostly engraved with intricate designs. Figures of traditional musicians are simply incomparable.Lanterns
White Metal Lantern Manufacturer,Supplier From India
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