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A Iron & Wooden Handicrafts bookend is an object that is designed to buttress, or support, an upright row of books. It is placed on either end to prevent books from falling over, such as in a half-filled bookshelf. Handicrafts Bookends are both utilitarian and, often, decorative. They are common in libraries and in homes. Heavy bookends have been used for centuries; the simple sheet metal bookend was originally patented in the 1870s, and uses the weight of the books themselves to make an anchor.
Handicrafts Iron & Wooden Bookends can be an important consideration in home decor. Some Iron & Wooden bookends are made of bronze, marble, wood and even large geodes. Elaborate and decorative bookends are not uncommon.Bookends, for all their whimsical designs, had practical beginnings. While today's bookends are a mix between the beauty of visual form and the performance of a necessary function, centuries ago bookends mostly just kept people from getting hit on the head. Monks in the Middle Ages:
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bookends are available in various shapes, colors, designs and sizes. The average size of a metal bookend is close to 183 millimeters high, 121 millimeters wide and 130 millimeters deep. In case you are looking for something that is just as efficient but relatively smaller in size, the usual dimensions are 85 millimeters high, 106 millimeters wide and 190 millimeters deep. Another size that is quite common for metal bookends is 300 millimeters high, 200 millimeters wide and 150 millimeters deep.

Some bookend designs are intended to capture the interests of children. They usually come in bright colors with interesting animals such as elephants, giraffes and lions. Other products even feature cool designs like fire engines, pirates and ballerinas. Additionally, some bookends even contain images of mermaids, rockets as well as airplanes. One of the most common sizes for this category measures 170 millimeters high and 230 millimeters wide. In the past, the bookends were made from very heavy materials. Lighter versions only emerged sometime in the 1870s, a time when the simple sheet metal was originally patented for this specific purpose. Although not necessarily designed for children, some bookends are used as decorations. For instance, finer bookends are made from high quality and pricey materials such as wood, marble and bronze. The use of decorative bookends as well as those with elaborate designs is not that common.

Some bookends have bigger sizes. Compared to smaller versions, they can be used to hold bulky office documents as well as larger books. Examples of these include atlases, directories and catalogues. They can also be used to organize different types of magazines of various thickness and height.

To make things more interesting, some bookends feature uncommon but definitely cool designs. They have highly interesting and attractive themes like the Anubis, Pinocchio and Voltron. For film buffs, they will surely love special themes like the Star Wars, Aliens as well as City Slickers.
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