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Tarunindustries.com is  Manufacturer and Supplier of wide assortment of Door Hardware Fittings. The variety of durable Door Hardware Fittings widely serves the requirements of Construction Industry in fitting doors etc. We offer Handrail Brackets, Reversible Hinges, Tower Bolts, Auto Gate Latch, Twisted Ring Gate Latch, Suffolk Latch, Bow Handle Bolt, Brenton Padbolts, Oval Pad Bolt, Garage Door Bolt, Monkey Tail Bolt, Safety Hasp Staple, Wire Hasp Staple, Corner Braces, Hook Band Hinges and so on. This Door Hardware Fittings range is manufactured using optimum quality Iron that ensures high durability.

The Iron Hasp and Staple Manufactured by us is extremely durable product. Our Iron Hasp and Staple is used as a security measure in households, outhouses, etc. generally on the doors. There are different sizes of Iron Hasp and Staple available with us so suite every level of requirements. Moderately priced by us, our Iron Hasp and Staple are a must to have security tool for everyone.
Tarun Industries Fittings Collection:  We are Iron Hardware Hasps Manufacturer,Supplier,Exporter from Jaipur India
Iron Hardware  Hasps-(01)
Ti Iron Hardware Hasps(01)
Iron Hardware  Hasps- (02)
Ti Iron Hardware Hasps(02)
Iron Hardware  Hasps- (03)
Ti Iron Hardware  Hasps(03)
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