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Tarun Industries is Manufacturer & Supplier of Crystal Mirror Frames From Jaipur india. We are offering our customers a wide range of Crystal  Mirror Frames,Crystal Mirror Sensor Light Box is the combination of mirror and light box. When you come near, it is a mirror and it is a light box when you keep away. It is largely used in bars, restaurant, shop-chains, home-decoration, window display and wash rooms in Hotels and entertainment.

Following are the features of Crystal Mirror Sensory Light Box:
1. Material: Crystal light box, without frame.
2. Configuration: mirror board + sensor +optical light panel+ thin back board for stability
3. Edge lighting technology.Light is soft and mild, brightness is very equal, which is very comfortable for eyes
4. Control on/off by infrared ray sensor, when people approach, it displays a mirror, when people is away, it displays a picture. Full automatic changing between poster and mirror
5. Sensor : instantaneous/delayed reaction. [time can be adjusted]
6. Easy to replace picture and install
Crystal Mirror Frames ( 1)
Crystal Mirror Frame (1)
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Crystal Mirror Frame (2)